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Post-Primary, Ballot-Qualified “Liberator” Celebrates Progress of Insurgent Campaign

Updated: Jun 29

St. George, Utah – With the primary election season over and most Utahns believing the state is on the wrong track, Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Rob Latham observed that Utah voters now have a distinct alternative from the Uniparty candidates as the 2024 race enters its next phase.

Rob Latham: "Utah voters have a clear choice in the governor’s race between re-electing a self-dealing[1], crony-coddling [2], election-rigging [3], child-trafficking [4], mass-incarcerating [5], speech-controlling [6], wasteful-spending [7], nepo-baby [8] - an echo - and a righteous way."

Messages raising awareness of Latham’s campaign have already been seen and heard by Utahns more than 320,000 times ... and growing ... through Google [9]/YouTube [10], X/Twitter [11], social media, and streaming audio platforms [12], navigating around an Iron Triangle of regime gaslighters currying favor with the Powers-That-Should-Not-Be for corporate welfare, or a future gig as a federal- or state-employed propagandist.

Rob Latham renewed his invitation to all Utahns seeking to grow the liberty vote to join the campaign and share their support for meaningful change with friends and neighbors. Added Latham: “We can anticipate weaponized tears from the incumbent regime in due course.”

[1] “Here’s why Utah Gov. Spencer Cox’s family business has become an internet powerhouse,” The Salt Lake Tribune, Jan. 18, 2024 (“taxpayers have paid CentraCom and its subsidiaries, helmed by the governor’s father, a total of more than $32.6 million, according to state finance records”).

[3] “Groups sue Utah Legislature, alleging unconstitutional gerrymandering,Deseret News, March 17, 2022; see also [4] See; “Cox calls on Utahns to consider foster care amid biggest shortage of licensed families in decades,” Utah News Dispatch, May 28, 2024; Utah Courts’ statistics (termination of parental rights filings: FY2023: 492; FY2022: 658; FY2021: 794) (juvenile court adoption filings: FY2023: 465; FY 2022: 643; FY2021: 594) (district court adoption dispositions: FY2023: 1,002; FY2022: 958; FY2021: 1,122).

[5] Utah profile | Prison Policy Initiative; the Central Utah Correctional Facility is located in Sanpete County, where the incumbent was a county commissioner from 2008 to 2012 before “winning” an uncontested seat in the Utah House of Representatives; see also Prison Gerrymandering Project. [6] Utah governor signs bill making it easier to ban books statewide,” Utah News Dispatch, March 18, 2024; “U Students Share Thoughts on Social Media Regulations for Minors and the Potential TikTok Ban,” The Daily Utah Chronicle, April 14, 2023; Senate Bill 97 - Public Contract Requirements, signed March 14, 2023; Senate Bill 186 - Anti-boycott Israel Amendments, signed March 17, 2021.

[7] “Utah lawmakers made $3.2B in funding requests this year. Here’s how they want to spend your money.” The Salt Lake Tribune, Feb. 14, 2023 (“security for the Governor’s Mansion in Salt Lake City will cost $30 million ... plan includes an underground parking garage, fencing off the block and acquiring two privately-owned buildings on the site”); “Plans call for Utah’s first family to be completely separated from the public,The Salt Lake Tribune, Sept. 15, 2022 (security measures for incumbent’s private home — which included a fence around the property’s perimeter, wrought iron gates and a new building to house his security detail — cost Utah taxpayers more than $600,000). [8] “How Spencer Cox, an ”angsty” farm boy, grew up to be the governor of Utah,Deseret News, May 20, 2021 (“Cox’s father, Eddie Cox, also invited him to come back to Fairview and help run the family business: CentraCom, a telecommunications company” ... “Cox followed in his father’s path. In 2004, he filled a vacancy on the Fairview City Council. He went on to become mayor. In 2008, he was elected as a Sanpete County commissioner”).

[9] 227.9K Google Ads impressions as of June 25th

[10] 26.7K YouTube views as of June 25th

[11] 62.4K X/Twitter impressions as of June 25th

[12] Ads reached 3.7K streaming audio users as of June 25th

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